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"28 Days In The Valley" CD + Socks **WHILE SUPPLIES LAST**

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Signed booklets are limited in quantity. Socks are one size fits all. Item is expected to ship around March 16.

Upon purchase, you will receive "Flawless" as an instant digital download, with future tracks to be emailed before album release. 

  1. Flawless
  2. Who Do You Love
  3. Pretty When You’re High
  4. Mountain
  5. Freedom
  6. White Butterfly
  7. 28 Days In The Valley (Interlude)
  8. On My Knees
  9. Black Tar & Nicotine
  10. Philadelphia
  11. Ain’t Our Time To Die
  12. We Are Staars
  13. We Need Love

Please note: digital downloads are not available to customers outside of the United States.